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Medicare Season is Almost Here!

News Flash: Beginning October 1, agent/brokers are required by CMS to notify beneficiaries that all phone calls regarding Medicare will be recorded.

Incredible! October 1 begins the 2023 Medicare season, let’s review what that means. Agents and brokers have been testing and recertifying so they may provide excellent assistance to every beneficiary. We have also been attending meetings sponsored by each of the Medicare carriers so that we are ready to discuss the exciting changes in the 2023 plans.

Beginning October 1, agents/brokers will be allowed to reveal the changes. Currently I can tell you that there are new carriers that will be providing Medicare services in your zip code. I can also tell you that the carriers have listened to you and worked hard to provide additional or upgraded benefits in their 2023 plans. As an agent broker and a senior on Medicare, I’m excited about what I’ve seen!

As I recommend every year, consider having your broker/agent review your prescription drug plan, especially if you have added or changed prescriptions during the year.

Here are a few questions agents/brokers get asked and the answers you probably hear:

 Do I pay the agent/broker? No, the carrier you select pays us.

 Will my premium be higher if I use an agent/broker? No, you will pay the same premium whether you use the expert knowledge of an agent/broker or perform all the research yourself.

 Is there really a difference between advantage plans? Even an HMO vs HMO or a PPO vs a PPO? Yes. We ask you questions about your medical expectations concerns so we can help you find the plan(s) that might best suit your needs.

 If I like my plan do I need to sign up again this year? No, you do not need to take any action if you are happy with your plan. You will automatically receive any 2023 upgrades to your plan.

Here are some points you should know about the Annual Enrollment Period. It starts October 1, that’s when agents/brokers can tell you about plan changes for 2023. We are not allowed to accept enrollment applications until October 15. December 7 is the final day of AEP, all applications must be submitted by 11:59PM.

Medicare does not sponsor this article.

As always, if you have questions, please contact your agent/broker or me.

Nan Thornton, 772-559-2794



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