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Medicare Unraveled. Why Use An Agent?

Updated: May 8

What a difference a few weeks make! It was only a few weeks ago that we expected to devote our April and May Tattler articles to explanations of terminology. Now we have changed the topic so that we can be responsive to the pandemic that has gripped us.

We are occasionally asked, “Why should I use an insurance agent?” Good question! Here are some reasons. It is very likely that your insurance agent knows more about Medicare than you, has more resources for conducting research, and has a better understanding of the application process. Typically, agents are supported by entities that ensure compliance with state and federal law. We also have high-powered electronic research capability that makes it possible for us to match your unique needs to available products that meet those needs. Additionally, many of us represent more than one insurance company and therefore, we can offer you choices to meet your needs.

Agent commission is provided by the insurance companies. You do not pay for our annual Medicare reviews or the filing of enrollment documents. Insurance companies charge the same premium for their product whether you use an agent or not. Agents are available to provide service to you after you are enrolled in your chosen plan.

Now, the important reason to use an agent during the pandemic. Many of us are capable of conducting the entire process, from first discussion to the final enrollment electronically. That means you get all the support and assistance you need without leaving the safety and comfort of your home! We do not need to meet in person!

Please stay safe.

Article first published in Barefoot Tattler / May 2020

by Nan Thornton,


Licensed health insurance agent

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