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Happy New Year!

Updated: May 8

We have just completed the Annual Enrollment Period for Medicare and the enrollment period for ACA (Affordable Care Act), otherwise known as “Obamacare.” If you felt the need to change your plan, we hope that you found a plan that meets your unique requirements and fulfills your needs in 2021.

We have begun planning subjects for the articles we will be writing during 2021. Some of the topics are based on questions we have received from our Tattler readers and other interested parties.

If Medicare or the ACA should make changes we will inform you as quickly as possible. Our goal is to keep you well informed. We appreciate the calls we have received and encourage you to continue to ask questions. We are available by phone, email, text, or you can leave a message on our websites. We believe that a good consumer is an informed consumer so we will work to keep you informed.

We are thankful for all of our readers and we are thankful that “The Tattler” provides space so that we can pursue our goal to keep you informed.

We wish each of you health and happiness throughout the next year and beyond.

Nan Thornton


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