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Turning 65 during 2021?

Updated: May 8

Here are some ideas that may help you make a smooth transition to Medicare:

• Read “Medicare & You” 2021. This is the official U.S. Government Medicare handbook. It has just about all the information you will need to help you under stand Medicare. It is organized well, has an index, and is written for people who want to be competent, not a Medicare professional. It can be found online in or you can contact Medicare and ask them to mail a hard copy to you. We suggest that you look through it before talking to a licensed agent.

• Work with a licensed & insured agent. The agent will be prepared to help you find the plan to meet your unique needs. You do not pay for the services of the agent. The cost of the plan that you select does not become more expensive because you used the services of an agent. Many of us represent more than 1 insurance carrier so we can offer you plans from several carriers.

• If you are turning 65 this year you may enroll in a plan as early as 3 months prior to the month of your birthday and as late as 3 months after the month of your birthday, 7 months total. Many of us are willing to field questions prior to the 3 months before your birthday month.

• When you begin working with an agent you will be asked for some information. The usual information: name, address, phone number, Medicare number, and the date you became entitled to Part A or Part B. If you might qualify for a type of financial assistance you may be asked information about your income.

• Your agent will ask about what services you want in your Medicare plan. Here are a few examples: gym access, dental, hearing, and/or vision assistance. You may also be asked how often you travel, and how long you are away from home. All this information will help us select the right plan for you.

• Plan ahead! Advantage Plan enrollments are usually processed quickly, maybe a couple of days. Medigap Plans, also known as supplements, may take approximately a week to process.

Have questions? Please send them to either of our gmail accounts or our websites.

We’d love to hear from you!

Nan Thornton


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