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Vigilance is Required

Updated: Jan 21, 2022

And on another subject important to seniors and everyone else who has a credit card: theft.

Seniors: Vigilance is Required

A week ago I received an email from a company that sells me services. The email informed me that my credit card denied payment for the services. I was asked to open the attachment and complete the form, a request for my credit card information, so that I would not lose the services.

The email used the logo and colors associated with the company named. I reread the email and realized that there were some grammatical errors, checked the URL address, it did not mention the name of the company. Then I googled the company, found a phone number, and called. There is not a problem with my payment record!

My point, we all must continue our vigilance and protect our financial information, no matter how “real” the request appears.


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